I have searched real estate in Missouri for decades and have never seen a home quite like this one. The best way to describe it is it's a Missouri palace that either looks like a Roman temple or Buckingham Palace or maybe both.

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I found this exquisite home on Realtor.com. It's 117 Edgewood Drive in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. No offense intended if you're from Cape Girardeau, but I frankly didn't think the city was capable of something quite like this. There's no way to adequately describe this place other than to share some pics from the listing. If this place doesn't make you feel like Julius Caesar or Mark Antony, I don't know what will.

This Missouri Palace Looks Like a Roman Temple with a Pool

Did you get the feeling that you'd need to be a Roman politician or Buckingham Palace royal to live in this place? I half expected to see guards with big fluffy hats guarding the entrance. As of this writing, the asking price is $1,100,000 according to Realtor. Just keep in mind, you'll be living in Cape Girardeau and not Milan if you buy it.

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