Someone's been naughty. I'm talking about hundreds of applicants for personalized plates in Missouri for 2023. The state has just released the newly updated lists of plates that are too racy for public viewing.

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Yahoo News shared an article about how the state of Missouri rejected nearly 500 personalized vanity plates for 2023. Their list is based on some fine reporting done by the Springfield News-Leader.

In no particular order, here are 40 of the more creative attempts to beat the system and send out a NSFW message. (NOTE: Some of these are pretty racy, so if you're good at figuring out personalized plate messages and are easily offended, proceed at your own risk. You have been warned.)

40 Naughty Rejected License Plates by State of Missouri for 2023

Not much I can add to that gargantuan list other than Missourians are very creative with numbers as letters to try and sneak messages by the censors.

You can check out the full rejected Missouri list if you're curious. Just know that I've shared the PG14 versions while the full list has some outright R-rated and worse plates.

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