If you're a fan of butterflies, you can show your love by having one on your Illinois vehicle of choice thanks to a new offering by the Land of Lincoln.

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The Illinois Secretary of State website shared the news that the new "Monarch" license plates are now available. It's quite a looker if these iconic butterflies are your thing.

Illinois Secretary of State
Illinois Secretary of State

The good news is these plates will benefit these beautiful creatures as the Illinois state website gave details saying:

Proceeds from the plate support the Illinois Department of Natural Resources’ Roadside Monarch Habitat Fund, which helps foster habitats to support the butterflies during their twice-yearly migratory journey from Mexico to Chicago with a goal to add 150 million new milkweed stems and other nectar resources to the Illinois landscape in the next 15 years.

How can you get a Monarch license plate in Illinois?

It's an easy 3-step process. First, you have to apply for one. Then you get the joy of finding out how much the state of Illinois will drain from your wallet. Step 3 is dropping that application and payment in the mail. Fun.

If you think this Monarch Illinois license plate sounds like a great idea, be sure to check out the Secretary of State's website for more details and updates about how you can fly your butterfly fandom proudly.

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