I tend to watch a lost of disaster movies which probably explains why I find subjects like this fascinating. If a lethal solar flare were to be unleashed by the sun, where would you be most likely to survive? The answer? Missouri and the reason why is fun.

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I'm not the only person to ask this question. Someone on Quora posed the topic "Where are the safest places on Earth if a solar flare hits?" It's a question that really should be thought through as we've been living through a very active solar cycle and it only takes one X-class flare directed at the Earth to end life as we know it. Think modern-day Carrington-level event like the one that fried all the telegraphs in 1859.

So why would Missouri be such a swell place to be if one of these killer solar flares hit Earth?

The consensus is that if a solar flare knocks out all modern electronics and the digital world we live in, you're gonna want to be near communities that don't depend on them. The answer? The Amish.

Wise Voter shared a helpful map of which states have the biggest Amish populations. Missouri is #7 in America for those whose lifestyle requires no electricity.

Infographic, Wise Voter.com
Infographic, Wise Voter.com

The statistics they shared shows that the Amish population in Missouri is growing, too, with a 6.23% increase. That translates into Missouri possibly being a safe haven if the worst-case-scenario happens involving the sun and its flares.

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