In case you didn't know, storm chasing is a dangerous business. That reality was hammered home when a video was just shared showing a chaser's car was struck by lightning.

High Risk Chris shared the moment when a fellow chaser was in Iowa on April 12 following storms. It happened so fast, you won't realize what happened until the original video is followed by super-slow motion captures.

This harrowing lightning strike reminded me of a video that one of the most well-known storm chasers Pecos Hank shared a few years ago about lightning being the most dangerous part of following these volatile storms.

A meteorologist also shared the danger of "punching the core" of thunderstorms where visibility is minimal and lightning danger is high. Storm Chasing USA agreed with the idea that lightning is a bigger danger than the tornadoes themselves.

Storm Chase also added the thought that other storm chasers might be more dangerous than storms. Interesting.

It's worth mentioning that Chris said that the car hit by lightning was immobilized and is still being worked on. The energy present in lightning bolts like this is staggering to imagine.

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