With plenty of time on our hands lately, one’s mind tends to think about what the future holds post Coronavirus Crisis. Such was the case for me earlier this week. I drove thru a local restaurant’s food pick-up lane to get some lunch and while in line was thinking about how their business might change when they re-open.  Oh there will be changes, not only for them, but all businesses in how they operate.

Here is how I see things in the future for restaurants across America in the post Coronavirus crisis, especially if we do not have a vaccine developed yet.

For one, I can see servers being asked to wear masks and perhaps gloves while serving food to customers.  The usual table locations will be altered to provide more space between customers.  I believe the traditional menu has seen its last days with paper place-mats replacing them on the tables for customers to order from.

Like sugar packets, salt & pepper will be available in that form as well with the traditional salt and pepper shakers being replaced. The same thing goes for ketchup and mustard bottles as well. I wouldn’t be surprised either to see disinfectant wipes on every table for customer usage. I am certain there will be other changes that customers will need to adapt to in the future as well.

Despite the potential changes I am seeing in the future, I still am looking forward to the day when I can go out to my favorite restaurants and enjoy some great meals and best of all a chance to visit with people again.

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