Since I don't drink, it's a bit strange that I'm the messenger to share the news with you that you could rename a Missouri brewery and earn free suds for your big bad self for an entire year, but that's exactly what's happening.

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Melvin Brewing Company (aka Eureka Brewpub) in Eureka, Missouri shared this wonderful beer news on their Facebook page this week. Behold.

So why is Melvin Brewing Company in Eureka, Missouri changing its name?

I saw them answer that question in the comments saying "we are moving on as Melvin corporate has partnered with Roadhouse so we are separating ourselves." Got it.

The entry form for submitting your ideas is simple and easy. Basically give them your name, email and the name you think they should call them and you're golden (in a beer kind of way I suppose). You can also submit logo ideas which is interesting.

Letting the internet name something never ends badly, right Boaty McBoatface? The good news is the powers that be for Melvin Brewing Company will get the final say about who's idea is the one they'll go with.

I've only had alcohol once in my life and the stories generated from that evening have now become legend, so I'll resist the urge to submit a name. You, however, are welcome to take a shot at coming up with a name and getting beer for a year. Cheers.

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