The Quincy, Illinois and Hannibal, Missouri area has a rich history of classic concerts. One of the most forgotten from that era in the 1980's and 1990's was Mötley Crüe when they played Quincy Raceway. Yes, that really happened.

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Kudos to my friend Chris Prewitt for reminding me of this brush with Mötley Crüe greatness (sort of) that Quincy, Illinois had on August 7, 1994. Here's the setlist I found for the performance in Quincy that night.

Since this was 1994, there were no phone cameras back then to capture great video, but I did find the entire concert on YouTube.

Mötley Crüe was a different band in 1994. This concert happened a year after lead singer Vince Neil had either been fired or left the band on his own depending on who's story you believe. John Corabi had the thankless job of stepping in to Vince's spot. The self-titled album in 1994 from the band would be the only one he would appear on before Vince would rejoin years later.

For fun, I decided to dig deeper and found this video of The Undecided who opened up the Mötley Crüe show.

Now, if you have a friend who doesn't believe you when you tell them that Mötley Crüe played Quincy, Illinois once,  you can show them this video and setlist proof.

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