He was a bear that became a celebrity. His trek across Iowa and then Missouri was celebrated and his following grew. Sadly, the tale of Bruno the Bear would not have the happy ending so many worked hard to make happen.

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If you're not familiar with Bruno the Bear, his celebrity began in June of 2020 when he was spotted traveling through corn fields in Iowa. That journey would continue southward through the Midwest including Missouri as Fox 2 St. Louis shared when Bruno was spotted near Elsberry, Missouri.

It was the response of the public that was so encouraging. Instead of a panic that a large predator was in our midst, Facebook groups were created including "KEEP BRUNO SAFE". Law enforcement in multiple Missouri locations and Good Samaritans went out of their way to make sure this bear was not harmed as he headed south. His trek would cover 800 miles before...

What happened to Bruno the Bear?

Bruno would eventually make it all the way to the state of Louisiana, but that's sadly when tragedy struck - literally. Bruno the Bear was found after he was hit by a vehicle. The Des Moines Register reported that Bruno's back legs were broken by the impact and he was found dragging himself along a roadway.

The sad but correct decision by wildlife officials was to euthanize Bruno the Bear to relieve his pain and misery.

Bruno's story was a sad example of nature clashing with modern society. Even with all the precautions taken, the busy roadways would eventually end this animal's life. Many still share videos they took of Bruno's journey through our part of America. Very few animals become instant celebrities like this big bear did. Doubt any will forget him any time soon.

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