In 2016, one lonely brother/sister team turned out for the inaugural Cardboard Boat Race at Hannibal's Aquatic Center. The following year, 25 teams braved the challenge to sink or swim. And now is your chance to register for the 3rd Annual Carboard Boat Race presented by the Parks and Rec Department.

It takes creativity and teamwork to construct a boat from cardboard. We're talking stern to stem, starboard to port, even the oars themselves are corrugated construction. A few of these boats will barely hit the water before they disintegrate. Some of the skiffs will skim the surface from start to finish in no time at all. Last year's race came down to a photo finish with the Schanbacher family taking home top prize for the second year in a row (recall the first year they were the only contestants).

The Titanic Award goes to the most spectacular failure. The best decorated ship takes home a trophy. And if you can outpace the Schanbacher crew, you have a shot at the Fastest Boat Award.

You need to register by June 15. The race is June 23 at the Hannibal Aquatic Center. All the details are available at

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