When it's cold out, you're always welcome to get some physical activity inside at the Admiral Coontz Recreation Center in Hannibal.  Even traditionally outdoor activities take place in this fortress.

Indoor archery starts December 4 at the old armory.  Bring your own bow and arrows each Wednesday night for some target practice.  On November 21, class starts for the Hannibal Area Shooters Education Youth BB Gun League.  Or throw some ringers at indoor horseshoes on November 24.  Another option is drop-in pickleball on November 19 or the 26th.

For decades, the Recreation Center has hosted Senior Adult Dances on Wednesdays.  The basketball courts are generally open to shoot some hoops.  There's an excellent place for kids to play with soft, oversized blocks.  People often take their daily walks at the old Armory.  On Mondays, the Twain Tracks Walking Challenge offers prizes for walkers who keep track of their daily steps.

Don't let the cold keep you cooped up!  Check out the full schedule of things going on at Hannibal Parks and Recreation.

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