So here we are again, looking for the small step ladder so we can all “fall back” or fall down in some cases just to gain an extra hour which we will do this Sunday Morning. So at the official time of 2 a.m. this Sunday morning we will all fall back into Standard Time and rid ourselves of the Daylight Saving Time that most of us seem to like better. So if we seem to like it so much why are we doing it?

In a day and age where we seem to change everything we have done in the past, we are still hanging onto this long-standing ritual of clock changing. So we get an extra hour of sleep by moving our clocks back one hour. Big deal, how many times have we stayed in bed an extra hour during the year? A few times I would suspect.

So when the announcer says “we will all gain that hour we lost last spring” you can tell him that he’s full of……Whoa! I just remembered, that’s me you talking to. Don’t shoot the messenger! Ah, fake news at its best. I’m just reporting what I was told and I’m really tired of reporting it.

Frankly, I’m tired of changing the clocks. When I was younger I did it in a few seconds. Now, by the time I find the step ladder, reach for the clock, fall on my keister and "can’t get up", when I finally do and change the Daylight Saving hour to the Standard Time hour, it’s time to change it back again.

Who cares what time it is?  Did I tell you I’ve always hated that step ladder?

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