Damage from the July 13 windstorm that tore through Quincy is still clearly visible along city streets. Things are finally starting to return to normal in Quincy, but the volume of debris left from the storm will take some time to clean up. 

We took a camera out to get footage of uprooted and broken trees, fences knocked over, and at least one vehicle that was parked in the wrong place at the wrong time (we're sure there were probably others).

This footage was shot along Maine Street, State Street, Jersey near the Quincy Art Center, and Madison Park. From the looks of things, we could probably have gone down nearly any street in the city and found something dramatic worth documenting.

Hats off to City crews, the Quincy Park District, first responders, utility workers, and all of the volunteers that have pitched in to help friends, family members and neighbors recover from storm damage. Of course the top priority right after the storm was to make sure everyone was OK, and to get power back on. Now that that has been accomplished the focus turns toward debris cleanup, but as you can see, that’s going to take some time.

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