As I was driving down 24th Street in Quincy the other day I was reminded of a huge hit on the radio years ago. That song was called "Signs" from a band called the Five Man Electrical Band. It was a popular tune back in 1971 and featured a lyric of "signs, signs, everywhere there's a sign". That line fits today some 49 years later. As I was driving I couldn't help noticing all of the individual signs that are adorning our Quincy streets these days. So I decided to count all the signs I drove past just from Harrison to Broadway on 24th Street last week.

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In just that small stretch of area there were signs about Illinois' Governor Pritzker, First Responders, Teachers, Real Estate, Quincy not being Chicago to signs saying a local church loves me to encouraging power washing of your home.  The total amount of signs I counted was 40.

If you think that is a lot, wait until the political signs start going up as we get closer to the November election. There will definitely be "signs, signs, everywhere a sign".

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