With Monday night’s vote of 11-3 the Quincy City Council voted to increase the cost of garbage stickers for garbage collection in the city. The new cost will be $1.50 per small bag and $3 for a large bag. The new $1.50 stickers will be red in color replacing the 75 cent blue stickers. Also changing is the need for those garbage bags to be placed in trash containers and not left in bags by the curb.  All bags must be in a receptacle to be picked up. These changes will take effect on Wednesday, May 1, 2019.

As far as the recycling is concerned, there will be a $5 fee per month for those who wish to opt in for the recycle pickup program. That fee would be added by the City of Quincy, if you opt in, to your quarterly utility bills. Those who sign up will be receiving new recycle containers for your use.

The yard waste pickup discussion was tabled for two weeks to give the council time to come up with solution. One proposal is calling for a $3 sticker fee for yard waste pickup.

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