As if taking state five times in a row wasn’t impressive enough, the Quincy Notre Dame Pom Pon team is now on track to perform during half time of the 2016 Orange Bowl in Miami! But first, you have to solve a murder.

I’ll explain.

See, getting 23 girls to Florida ain’t gonna be cheap, so the team is organizing a fundraiser at which somebody’s gonna get axed and you gotta figure out who dunnit.

The event, entitled “Mystery Orange With a Twist of Pom” takes place on August 6 beginning at 6:00 pm at the T&C Inn and is billed as an evening of dinner, dancing, and mysterious fun. Also, somebody’s gonna get axed. So that’ll be cool.

Anyway, it’s up to you and your friends to piece together the clues and get to the bottom of the Homecoming-themed mystery. And since it’s Homecoming-themed, you might as well dust off that old letterman jacket and really get into the spirit!

Reservations are $50 per person (or you can reserve an entire table of 8-10) and you can reserve your spot on Facebook or by calling 217-430-4114 or 217-257-0386.

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