The Quincy Police Department is partnering with Ameren-Illinois on an upcoming project called "Brighten the Block". "Brighten the Block" is a volunteer-based event aimed at changing porch lights from older, inefficient light bulbs to LED's in low income neighborhoods.  The program is designed to promote community service, public safety, and energy efficiency.

The date of the event is Wednesday, April 26, and the time frame to install new bulbs is 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.  The goal is to change out the light bulbs in 100 houses and the area involved is in the northwest section of Quincy.

Ameren-Illinois will be providing the light bulbs and volunteers from Ameren-Illinois, the Quincy Police Department, Quincy Regional Crime Stoppers and the Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association will install the bulbs at homes needing them.  The volunteers hope to get the job done in the two hour targeted window.  Volunteers will work in person 4 teams and will cover approximately 25 houses in the allotted time.

For more information, call 228-4485 or email at


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