Jeff Dorsey
Jeff Dorsey

This Wednesday, August 22at 4:30 p.m. at the Iles School on North 12th Street in Quincy,  the Quincy High School Super 70’s Bash Committee will place their first or  seven markers on a tree planted at Colonel George J. Iles Elementary School. The tree planting and marker ceremony is the direct result of a generous donation of $7070.70 for the purchase of supplying “school shade” by the members of the Q.H.S. Super 70's Bash Committee.

Last year, the combined classes of the 1970’s hosted a tour of their high school (otherwise known as Baldwin Intermediate School) as part of their reunion weekend to allow former students the opportunity to walk through the halls one last time before the demolition at that site began.

Markers for trees purchased will eventually be placed at each of the five new school buildings along with one at Quincy Junior High School and one at Quincy Senior High School as well.

The Q.H.S. Super 70's Bash Committee plans to continue raising funds with each reunion for the 70’s classes to sustain and add to landscaping efforts at all Quincy Public Schools.

If you would like more information on the Q.H.S. Super 70's Bash Committee, the list of contact names is below.

Chair: Mike Klingner ‘73

Vice Chair: Jeff Spear ‘74

Secretary: Mike McLaughlin ‘73

Treasurers: Jack Frieburg ’71, Diana Saul Faust ‘74

Food and Beverage: Phil Bellis ’73, Mark Adams ‘72


Class Contacts:

‘70 Judy Norris Argabright

‘71 Vicki Hughes Walter

‘72 Kevin Blickhan (Music Coordinator)

‘73 Vicki Ebbing

‘74 Diana Saul Faust

’75 Lisa Crocker (Facebook/Registration)

’76 Terry and Kathy Baker Anastas (Of Counsel, Bottlehouse Bash)

’77 Debbie Bruner Niederhauser

’78 Laurie White Brinkman

’79 Carrie Bradney Bellis, Kathy Barnwell Saunders



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