A free program to learn about the Sodalis Nature Preserve in Hannibal will begin tonight and run through May 18 at the Admiral Coontz Recreation Center.

The interpretive training program will be held tonight from 6 to 8 p.m.as well as on May 11, 16 and 18 with all programs being held at the Recreation Center.

Kirsten Alvey-Mudd, the director of Missouri Bat Census, discovered the endangered bats in Sodalis Nature Preserve. She will teach participants about the history of Sodalis Nature Preserve, the bats that make Sodalis its home and mushrooms, wildflowers, native plants, birds and other wildlife found at Sodalis. Participants will be able to share the information at during interpretive outreach programs at Sodalis.

Sodalis Nature Preserve is an almost 200-acre park property that was given to the city two years ago when it was discovered that about 200,000 endangered Indiana bats hibernate in the abandoned mines. It is now Hannibal’s second largest park.

More information is available from Alvey-Mudd at 573-338-8670 or inquire at cavechef@gmail.com.


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