Everyone has their priorities when they're looking for a home. For me and my family, it was room for kids and pets in a nice Missouri neighborhood. If being within walking distance of a very good schools is one of yours, you should see a Hannibal, Missouri home available that's not far from Veteran's School.

I grew up not far from this Hannibal, Missouri place, but don't hold that against the family that lives there now. It's 42 Brook Road in Hannibal that is available according to Realtor.com. This is how close it is to Veteran's School in Hannibal.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

Home Within Walking Distance of Veteran's School in Hannibal, MO

Gallery Credit: Madison E. Christal, Ravenscraft Realty, Realtor.com

I'm no Property Brother for sure, but it looks like this home has only been on the market for a couple of weeks with an asking price of $329,000 as of this writing.

12 Pics of Stunning Hannibal Home Has Riverview Park Views

Gallery Credit: Jennifer Ruhl, Ravenscraft Realty, Realtor.com

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