I'm not saying it was aliens, but it was aliens. Only kind of kidding as there is a real report of 3 lights forming a triangle that were captured by an amateur photographer near Pittsfield, Illinois recently.

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I saw this recent report on the National UFO Reporting Center website that says it happened at the end of April 2023 over Pittsfield, Illinois. There's no name given of the person who shared the report so I can't share their pictures directly here, but you can go see them for yourself. Look at the bottom pic near the top where the 3 lights appear more distinctly inside the cloud. He enhanced the contrast making it easier to see the objects/lights.

The only thing I can compare it to is a sighting that happened over Spain last year where lights were seen moving within the clouds.

Most of the time, refracted light behind clouds can be explained using meteorological science. The University of Illinois shared a document detailing how air, dust, haze and ice crystals can interact with light to make it appear that you're seeing E.T. over your head.

In the case of the sighting over Pittsfield, it's hard to say what they were seeing. If the lights were naturally-created by the sun, you'd think they'd be more visible in the first picture. The fact that they only really appear when the contrast is bumped up makes me think that whatever it is has some actual mass and isn't a light illusion. That's just my opinion and I'm hardly a scientist.

Look at the Pittsfield, Illinois report and pictures for yourself and see if you think the photographer captured a real UFO or just a light show from nature.

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