How do you improve upon perfection? I mean, it’s perfect. That’s as good as it gets. Well, here’s one way: Get Pitbull to cover it.

I guess technically this isn’t strictly a cover of Toto’s “Africa,” because it’s not called “Africa.” It’s called “Ocean to Ocean.” That’s probably because it’s from the original motion picture soundtrack of Aquaman. And Pitbull’s verses are all about being Aquaman. (Or at least being a guy who hangs out in oceans.) But the chorus of the song is just Toto’s “Africa.” Then Pitbull goes back to rapping when that’s over. With remarkable lyrics like:

They tried to get rid of me
But from ocean to ocean
They gonna have to deal with me
I’ve been overlooked, slept on,
Stepped on, left for dead
Always against all odds like Pac said
I’ve the living Great Gatsby
But these boys are with you quick
And then disappear like Banksy
Ocean to ocean, sea to sea
I’m something that you’ve gotta see.

Man, I love a good plot song. I also love people compare themselves to the Great Gatsby and Banksy in a single breath. That takes real skill.

Aquaman opens in theaters on December 21. And yes, this song does appear in the movie. When it started playing I actually yelled out “NO!” in the theater.

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