There's a good chance that you've never heard of a story like this and an even better chance you never will again. A woman had a snake fall on her from the sky only to be saved moments later by a hawk. There's graphic video showing what transpired.

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The story of Peggy Jones is a remarkable one. She lives in Silsbee, Texas which is just north of Beaumont in the Houston area. Peggy was mowing her yard when a snake literally fell on her from the sky. She said that snake began biting her and even attacked her face.

Moments after the snake fell on her, Peggy Jones was saved by an unlikely hero. A huge hawk swooped down and grabbed the snake and flew off with it. She told KPRC in Houston that the bird had to make 4 attempts before successfully nabbing the viper.

The aftermath was gruesome. The hawk left numerous talon marks on Peggy's arm and she had snake venom on her glasses from the attack. NOTE: some graphic images in the video below.

Peggy cried out "Help me, Jesus!"

Peggy credited the hawk with saving her life as she could not get the snake to let go of her arm. She has no idea where the snake came from in the first place, but thinks it might have been carried by the hawk which dropped it then swooped in to pick up its prey.

Peggy Jones is thankful to be alive after one of the craziest attacks you'll ever hear of while mowing a yard.

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