The Ohio State Marching Band performed a medley of Queen songs during the halftime show as the Ohio State Buckeyes defeated the Oregon State Beavers on Saturday.

Announced by the Ohio Stadium commentator as “one of the most successful and popular classic rock bands,” the crowd heard parts of  “We Will Rock You,” “Fat Bottomed Girls,” “Bicycle Race,” “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” and “Bohemian Rhapsody” while the marchers formed the band logo, the outline of Freddie Mercury’s iconic pose, and other drill moves.

You can watch the performance below.

The performance caught the attention of Queen guitarist Brian May, who retweeted the clip and said, “This is truly amazing! What an incredible amount of work went into this performance.”

Queen began a 10-show residency in Las Vegas with singer Adam Lambert on the same day, delivering a set list that happened to include all the song played by the marching band.

During the show, Lambert addressed the absence of Queen's legendary singer. "Some of you might be like, ‘This is great, but he’s no Freddie,’" he said. "No shit! There can be only one. … Do you love Freddie? Do you miss Freddie? Me too. I’m exactly the same as you guys. I’m a fan too."

"Thanks Las Vegas First Nighters!" May tweeted after the first show. "You gave us an amazing reception. Bless ya ! Hurrah ! Tomorrow we rock again."

"I think we are getting the hang of this!" he wrote after the second performance. "I did some smiling tonight. Yes, the finger ends are sore sore sore ... but it was worth it, and I have 2 whole days to heal!"

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