Can you cut the mustard as the next driver of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile? If you relish the idea of navigating a 27-foot hot dog through the highways of America, now is the time to apply! Oscar Mayer is accepting applications for drivers of its Wienermobiles. You need more skills than navigation though. The company is particularly interested in candidates who have degrees in communications or marketing. That's because you'll be more than just a driver and the hot dog's number one fan, you'll also be the public face of Oscar Meyer in a public relations role.

Maybe you've seen the Wienermobile puttering around. It's a real head-turner when it's on the road. The giant rolling hot dog has made several trips to our area over the decades. I remember a stop in Quincy years ago. I was anchoring the KHQA morning show at the time. Needless to say, my breakfast that morning was a hot dog buffet with a remarkable array of condiments.

Carl Mayer created the Wienermobile that bears his name way back in 1936. Today the company has a fleet of six Wienermobiles. The drivers are called Hotdoggers. Click here:

If you'd like to apply for a one-year stint behind the wheel. Act fast, the deadline is Thursday, Jan. 31.

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