I will admit this is a completely awful business idea. Or is it? I am of the belief that someone in Hannibal needs to bring back Wizard World. There, I said it.

If you're not familiar with the 1980's in Hannibal, Wizard World was an arcade tucked in the upper left corner of the Huck Finn Shopping Center. By the way, I "graduated" in 1984 which explains a lot about my request. (Editors Note: it wasn't a graduation as much as they didn't want you to return to school anymore)

As insane as my request for the return of an arcade may sound, please hear me out. I think the pandemic now makes this a potentially viable business option. Here are my main 3 reasons why I think this could work:

  1. After a year and a half of lockdown, people want to spend time together again
  2. My generation is nostalgic about the arcades of our youth and would love to take our kids out and show them what it was like
  3. I personally need this to happen

I will admit that last reason is only important for me. My wish isn't as crazy as it might seem. The Today Show shared a story about how drive-in movie theaters are making a comeback partially due to the pandemic. I think the same nostalgia exists for an old-fashioned arcade.

The arguments against an arcade comeback include that most people have phones that can play games better than any arcade machine could. That's true. But, it's also a non-social thing most of the time.

Call me crazy, but I think a new version of Wizard World would be wildly successful at least for awhile in the tri-states. Just like Aladdin's Castle in the Quincy Mall back in the day. This could work. Hopefully a brave business person tries it. Me and my family would be first in line.

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