Today is the home opener of the St. Louis Cardinals and the schedule maker knew what he was doing by scheduling the Chicago Cubs as the opponent. If you live in this area you already know about the Cardinal-Cub rivalry that takes place every time these two teams meet.  Hopefully, mother nature won't wash out today's home opener in St. Louis. Opening day of the season and the home opener brings back some wonderful memories for me.  I would always buy my father tickets to the Royals opening day in Kansas City when I lived there for his birthday. His birthday was in March so it was a perfect fit. He loved baseball and played in the Pacific Coast League for a while in his youth.  Guess that's where I got my baseball talent from. We would go every year on opening day until his health failed him and it became to laborious for him to go. Just being there with your dad was so cool.  It was my dad who took my brother and me to Yankee Stadium to see my first Major League baseball game.  I have still not forgotten that day.  I think I was only 5 or 6 years old but it seems like yesterday. If you are heading to the ballpark today for the opener it will be special but it will be really special if you have your dad with you.  My dad passed away in 1985 but my memories haven't.  Thanks Dad!

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