After closing four months ago a local favorite restaurant is reopening in Hannibal this weekend.

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Drakes Steak & Ale is back and ready to serve you, and man oh man have they been missed. The restaurant, formally located in The Artium on 3rd Hote, was forced to close when they were noticed that the hotel would go in a different direction with their facility. They officially;y closed their doors in Quincy on September 4 but vowed that they would reopen soon, and they have kept their promise.

Now located in Hannibal (where the restaurant was originally located) at 421 Clinic Road, is set to reopen with a soft opening with a limited menu and hours for now, but everyone from the staff to the owners is so happy to be back and ready to serve the community.

The Drakes Crew is excited. This is an entierly new staff from front to back. We have worked realy hard to get this amazing place open. We hope to see you all! Follow Drakes fb for specials and times of operation.

I have missed their grilled chicken dinner with sides and can't wait to head to Hannibal and eat there again. I was so sad to see them leave Quincy, but when I saw this Facebook post yesterday that they are back I got really excited to see the restaurant back and excited to reopen. So, get out there and support, not only Drakes Steak & Ale but all of the other small businesses and restaurants. They need us now more than ever!


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