The gourmet popcorn you crave is back and better than ever! Paddlewheel Popcorn and Candy Company just reopened under new ownership in downtown Hannibal. When I say people come from miles around for a batch of this fresh deliciousness, I mean it. Tripadvisor reviewers give the shop 4.5 stars!

Paddlewheel is great addition to the atmosphere of America's Hometown. Its popcorn flavors are named for Hannibal's famous fictional characters. Try free samples of the Tom Sawyer, Becky Thatcher, the Aunt Polly or the Mississippi Mud. There are dozens of varieties. It's also a retro candy shop with your throwback favorites like peanut butter logs, saltwater taffy, candy cigarettes and those little waxy soda bottle shaped things with juice inside.

My daughters used to work summers at Paddlewheel. They met people from all over the world who raved about the popcorn. They also brought home leftovers at the end of a shift, which is both a blessing and a curse when it comes to your waistline.

Paddlewheel Popcorn and Candy Company is at 121 North Main St. in downtown Hannibal. Its hours are 10-5 Monday thru Saturday and noon to 5 on Sundays. Tell 'em Sarah sent you!

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