You don't see many arcades around anymore, but did you know that Quincy is home to the last Aladdin's Castle Arcade room?

Who doesn't remember as a kid getting dropped off at the mall for hours with a ton of quarters to play video games? I swear it seemed I did that every weekend, I once help the top spot on the Pac-Man game, not so much anymore. When we have nothing to do on a weekend, the girls and I love going to Aladdin's Castle with each of us spending $5 on our favorite games. Whether its Pac-Man for me, or the claw machines for the girls, we just love hanging out and playing with some of these retro games (it's weird for me to think Pac-Man is retro). I did find out something that makes the Quincy location even more special, its literally the last one standing.

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In a YouTube video I found MattyMo's Arcade mentioned that the Quincy Aladdin's Castle is the last one. The arcade group, owned by Namco, was really big in the '80's, and slowly started closing locations in the '90's with the success of the Nintendo Wii, Xbox, and other at-home counsels, but one location remains the Quincy location.

And I have to say, on the weekends that place is pretty busy, and still a favorite place of many to visit and hang out. Recently, it has been updated to more games, new carpet, and a self-serve way to get playing cards and toys, so it's still making money enough to put money into to make those improvements.

Now more than ever, we need to keep Aladdin's Castle open to have it for the next generation. So, get out to the Quincy Town Center and bring your quarters and dollars, and play those retro games, and a maybe try a new one too.

Last Standing Aladdin's Castle Is In Quincy

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