Just when you think you have heard everything comes word that The Hemsley Conservation Centre in London, England has created an opportunity just in time for Valentine’s Day.  I guarantee you have not heard of this Valentine’s gift before.  The Hemsley Conservation Centre has a section devoted just for insects including cockroaches. In a fundraising move, the Centre is offering people, both in person or online, the chance to name one of the Center’s cockroaches after someone for just a $2 donation. With your donation you will receive a printable certificate thanking you for your donation to the good cause.

The Centre admits the promotion was designed to be used for divorcees dealing with their exes, but it can also be used toward someone that you don’t particularly care for.  The Centre is careful to mention that the name of the roach will appear on the Centre’s “Roach Board”, but will not appear on the certificate.

The certificate is suggested to be used as a keepsake for the person naming the cockroach and is not recommended to be forwarded on to the named person in an effort to not inflame a most- likely simmering fire.


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