I try to be realistic. Remember, I said "try". If I asked really nice, could someone somehow bring back a drive-in movie theater to northeast Missouri? Would it help if I said pretty please? I'm willing to beg.

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Before I begin my rant, I realize there are a handful of drive-in movie theaters within driving distance of many parts of Missouri. Last time I checked, the B&B Moberly 5 and Drive-In was still operating the outside theater. I also know that there at least used to be an active drive-in in Springfield, Illinois. But, let's be realistic. Most can't afford and/or aren't willing to drive 2 hours just for a movie. That has led to this plea.

I'd love and promise to support a drive-in theater that's within a half-hour or so of the Hannibal, Missouri/Quincy, Illinois area. Scouts honor. Back in the 1960's through the early 1980's, there was a drive-in theater on MM in Hannibal. There were a couple of drive-ins in the Quincy/West Quincy area, too I believe. I am convinced now is the time to bring back a drive-in and I do believe it would be successful.

Now, let's get to that realistic part. A business has to turn a profit to survive and drive-in theaters are not an exception. One of the many reasons why drive-ins could not make it was the transition to digital movie projection. If you want to present a relatively new movie like Top Gun: Maverick or the new Mission Impossible, you need super-expensive equipment to project it on a big screen. Look at the price list on the Outdoor Movies website and you'll understand how intimidating it is for a prospective drive-in theater owner.

But, if you are willing to buy refurbished older projectors, you can still hypothetically show classic movies. I would betcha that many would be all-in for a classics only drive-in theater in northeast Missouri. Just make it a spring and summer thing only and I'd be happy as a clam.

I don't have the resources to make this happen, but I know a certain radio station that would be out of this world excited to help promote a drive-in theater in northeast Missouri if a richer person than me has the vision to make this happen.

Pretty please?

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