I am always trying to keep up with the latest hairstyles and I know that there are plenty of expert hairstylists in the Quincy/Hannibal area (and surrounding communities). Now we're asking you to find the best one.

National Hairstylist Day was April 30, and it really had me thinking about who might be crowned the top stylist in our area. Is it someone who is just fantastic at coloring hair, or someone that just knows how to cut your hair perfectly, or maybe someone that can make your kiddos' haircuts a fun experience. Do they work in a franchised location or in a place unique to the town? Perhaps a fancy beauty salon or maybe an old fashioned barbershop. Maybe they work out of their home or maybe they come to your place. Whomever it is, we want to know! Submit your nominee(s) below and we'll reveal the Top 20 later this month.

(UPDATE: This poll is now closed.)

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