I thought a big hand from the sky had somehow reached down and squished this Illinois home. I was wrong, but my eyes were not deceiving me. This house in Illinois really is located almost entirely underground.

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This home in Deer Creek, Illinois was available on the real estate market last year according to Realtor.com. I believe it has a new owner now who apparently enjoys subterranean living.

See a Home in Illinois That's Completely Underground

The Realtor listing shows the home was built in 1951. If you are familiar with that era, that was during the beginning of the Cold War when schools regularly taught how to hide under a desk during a nuclear attack. I have to wonder if the builder of this Deer Creek, Illinois home was taking that concept a bit further.

This Deer Creek, Illinois home was either sold or taken off the market last year, so I won't share the exact address out of respect to the homeowner, but it remains one of the most unusual and interesting homes I've ever seen - above or below ground.

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