It's apparently spreading like wildfire on social media that there's a serial killer targeting women in Missouri. One problem with the's simply not true according to police.

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KMBC in Kansas City is reporting that a video on TikTok claimed there was a serial killer on the loose that was specifically targeting women. I would show it to you here, but the person who originally shared it has already removed it from their account.

What did the original story allege?

The KMBC report said that the TikTok post said there were 4 Missouri women who were killed in the same general location and 3 more were missing. The video did not provide any names, but they say Kansas City police deny there is any such evidence of coordinated attacks.

If the original TikTok post has been removed, what's the problem?

It appears that screenshots of the original video are still being shared and that's what's leading to this theory about a serial killer being on the loose in Missouri continuing to be theorized.

The general rule of thumb is IF there is a legitimate threat only believe it if you see it shared by a legitimate law enforcement agency and not a random person on TikTok. As of now (and admittedly this could change sadly), there is no serial killer to be concerned with. The fact that this false claim is so believable is a sad commentary on our society.

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