What used to be a common staple in kitchens may soon no longer be available in Missouri or any other state for that matter. If you value your food containers, you'll want to likely stock up while you can.

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I remember when I was a kid in Missouri that my mom would regularly pick up Tupperware containers whenever she could. If a recent report is accurate, that won't be possible soon. USA Today is reporting that Tupperware has warned that there is "substantial doubt that they'll be able to continue". It looks like funding is needed or bankruptcy is a real possibility based on these reports.

This is not just one isolated report, but major news networks like CNN are sharing the same warnings.

Where did Tupperware go wrong?

The press release directly from Tupperware shares declining profits of nearly 18% year over year. Hard to believe that a company that started making industry-standard food storage containers way back in 1946 could have fallen so far.

The statement from Tupperware infers that the outlook is dire if they don't get funding to dig out of the shortfall. Maybe a good time to grab some if you rely on Tupperware products...while you still can.

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