When Rich Porter of Omaha, Nebraska went fishing on the Lake at the Ozarks he never would have guessed on catching a record-breaking size fish.

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The Missouri Department of Conservation posted on their Facebook page that Porter caught a recorded breaking 14-pound, 6-ounce fish under alternative methods for shortnose gar. The previous record was 13-pound, 1-ounce fish taken from Mark Twain Lake in 2006.

After some generic testing to ensure that the fish wasn't a pure shortnose gar and not a hybrid it was determined that not only was the state record broken, but in fact, Porter's fish was also the shortnose gar bowfishing world record. Porter told the Missouri Department of Transportation,

“Shortnose gar usually only weigh three-to-four pounds, so, to catch one that big, we thought it was a longnose.”

I know nothing about fishing, but that seems to be a record that could be heard to beat. The most I've ever caught when fishing was a small catfish and small ocean fish of some sort, and possibly an Asian Carp that jump and smacked me in the head. Does that count?

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