We all have our ways of dealing with life. For me, I need a place where my mind can be mellow. A new drone video showing the ice flow on the Missouri River definitely helps.

I call it ice flow, John Cuppi calls it "floe" and it's his YouTube channel, so he can do what he wants. He sure knows how to pick the right moments to fly his drone over the Missouri River. Add some mellow Boston or Pink Floyd to this and you get perfection.

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I realize that this is a strange thing to focus on, but I began an inner debate with myself over if I should call the ice a "flow" or a "floe". Grammarist says that either works. Floe is a noun while flow is a verb. Since the ice is moving, either can be appropriate. The more I think about it, I like floe in this case.

Side note: haven't seen any 2022 shares of the Mississippi yet, but did find this ice flow/floe moment from last winter.

Great work from John on giving us a nice chill river moment with an assist from his sweet drone.

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