I can make an argument that almost everything is scarier in 3D. Horror movies? Scarier in 3D. Sharks? Much scarier in 3D. Population density of Missouri? Absolutely terrifying in 3D and I'll prove it.

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This isn't my creation. No, this is way above my education level. This was created and shared on the Missouri sub-Reddit page by Spencer Schien (aka MrPecners). Using science, Spencer input the population of Missouri into his magic machine and this is the result.

A population density map of Missouri
by u/Pecners in missouri

Not really surprising, but seeing the population of Kansas City and St. Louis compared to the rest of the state is jaw-dropping. It's also interesting to see what a significant spike Springfield, Missouri now represents. Does this spike also represent the crime rate? Asking for a friend.

By the way, if you're a turbo-nerd, Spencer Schien shared a tutorial of how he created his ray-tracing state thing. It's quite a lesson.

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