Photo by: Stanley Madison

So did anyone notice who won last night's NCAA Women's National Championship? Oh a few of you maybe, but most of the country closed the book on college basketball when Kentucky beat Kansas Monday night.  So who was the brainchild that decided to schedule the women's title game the night after the men's title game?  I can't help but think that the ratings for the game on ESPN would have been far greater if the game would have been played on Sunday night instead.  It's unfair to the women who played last night to work so had for so few to even know the game was even being played.  Women's basketball has come a long way.  Just look at the State Champion QND Raider Girls. They play the same game, albeit a little slower and a little less physical than the men, but it is a game worth showcasing. Perhaps next season someone might wake up and decide to locate this game before the men's title game so the women might get the respect they are due.  Oh, by the way, Baylor beat Notre Dame for the women's title.

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