He's a father, a grandfather, a coach, a groundskeeper and a friend. He's Jim Wosman. If you have ever been to a Quincy Gems game, you undoubtedly have seen him working the field into tip top shape for the game that night. He is there early in the morning cutting grass and late at night working the infield after the game concludes.

I have known Jim for some 30 years now and over that time period he has coached baseball and football and taught physical education at both QND and the Public School System.  He took his QND Baseball team to the state playoffs years ago and most recently has worked with the Quincy Blue Devil Football team.

Nobody knows baseball better than  Jim and he is one of the best defensive football coaches you will find. This former member of the Detroit Tigers has shaped the lives of quite a few students over the years and he continues to do so. There is no better guy out there than Jim Wosman.  No one works harder that's for sure.

Rumor has it Jim will be hanging up his Head Groundskeeper hat and scaling back some of that work to a part time basis. So when you go the Gems game tonight make a point to thank him for what he has done.  He'll be embarrassed by all the attention, but he needs to know we have all noticed his work.

If you don't know Jim Wosman...you should get to know this man.  I'm glad I do. Thanks Wos!

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