It's raining. And it's going to rain for days. Most of us don't have the available space to build an ark, so how do you spend these dreary days? How about cleaning out that Tupperware drawer? I'll tell you why not. It's pointless. It's like herding cats.

You have this cabinet at home. You know you do. It's the one that when you open the door, all the plastic ware falls out. When you close the door, the plastic ware multiplies in privacy like a bunch of rabbits. How does this happen?

It's the same principle when you're matching socks and gloves. Where do their mates go? How do I have so many lids that won't hook up with a container? Why can't they all get along?

I call it the Tupperware drawer, but it only holds two pieces of genuine Tupperware. They were a wedding shower gift from 26 years ago. I should invest in more because they obviously stand the test of time. The rest of the clutter is odds and ends of cheap plastic junk. Every once in awhile I'll toss the whole lot in the recycle bin and start over. And then it builds again into this tottering mountain of polymers that insist on escaping confinement.

I'd almost rather clean the junk drawer. You know you have one of those too. It's that catch-all space that accumulates the odds and ends that you don't know where to put. The problem with cleaning it out is that you still have no place to put the stuff. I defies categorization.

On these rainy days ahead, I'm not going to tackle the Tupperware cabinet or the junk drawer. I'm going to do something more productive like watch a movie.

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