So here it is, the year 2019 is here! I remember thinking about what life was going to be like when the year 2000 arrived and now it is 2019! In high school we would say things like "wouldn't it be great if we could see the person on the other end of the phone line when we talked to them?" Others said, "one day, but not in our lifetime, we will be able to talk into our wristwatches like Dick Tracy did in the comic book".  Oh, we thought about flying cars, but I don't recall anyone saying we would have driver-less cars. Man how things have changed since then.

As time moved along, the concern was the rapidly approaching year of 2000. In the months and weeks leading up to New Years Day 2000, everyone was concerned about what they called "Y2K".  Remember that? The fear was that the computers of the world would not recognize the year 2000 at the stroke of midnight.

Oh, the chaos "Y2k" would cause throughout the world. It was taken seriously by everyone . So much so, I had to be at the radio station at midnight just to make sure the computers didn't lock up. That fear was unfounded as absolutely nothing happened to the computers that night.

So here it is 19 years later and we can actually see people on the other end of our phone, there are now cars moving along without drivers and we can talk into our watches as well. I wonder what 2020 will bring us?  I'm gonna hang on for the ride. Are you coming?

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