Earth day is here and it got me thinking of all the beautiful places I would love to visit in my lifetime.

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Turning 40 was a big deal for me, and I made a promise to myself that I would travel more. Now that the girls are older, and can stay in a car linger then 1 hour, I have already visited Wisconsin (which was on my bucket list), but my travel bucket list has grown since making that promise to myself. One of these days I am going to get a map and where ever the dart drops that's where I am going, even if its not a luxury place. So where would I go?


  • The city of Love, my youngest wants to go to Paris so bad. So we have a deal, she has to take French in high school and when she graduates that will be her gift. That's in about 10 years, but I am sure it will go fast and we are planning our trip already.


  • I am going to admit something, but I was obsessed with the Twilight Books and movies, and to read the description of the forest and area that books takes place I feel in love with Oregon. And the best movie of 1985 was filmed there, The Goonies!


  • To be honest I just want to visit Colorado to see the many mountains it has to offer. Seeing the pictures from family & friends that have visited there, it makes me jealous that I have not been west of Kansas City.


  • I want to visit Maine just for the history that state has, and to go to a Red Sox Game. I mean you have to visit Fenway, even if your not a fan of the team or the sport. It's a legendary place to visit.


  • I want to see if everything is bigger and better in Texas. Plus, it would be nice to go shopping without paying sales tax. Just sayin'.


  • I'm obsessed with the Royals, why would I not want to go see Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, eat fish & chips, and everything in between. And since I would be a little close, I might have to take a trip to Ireland too.


  • The pictures of the clear blue ocean, the little shops, and the food Greece is a beautiful country I can not wait to visit one day. And it's one of the sunniest places in the world.


  • My great-grand parents came from Sicily, so I want to go back and see where they came from. The countryside is beautiful from pictures I have of them, and one day I want to bring my girls to show them more of their heritage.


  • African Safari, need I say more!


  • Sydney Opera House, Bondi Beach, The Great Barrier Reef, The Outback (not the restaurant), just a few places that will be on my list when I visit one day.

I really hope that I do get to go to these places, I better start saving now!

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