It's hunting season and you don't need a gun either. With the warm sunny weather of the past few days the mushroom hunters have been out in full swing. Being the city boy that I am, I have never gone mushroom hunting although I have been invited to do so.  I gave it some thought this year but hearing all these stories about ticks, Lyme disease and worst of all snakes everywhere pretty much kept me out of the woods.

Seriously, it is a passion with many in this area to go out and "hunt" for mushrooms. They are apparently very good.  I tried them years ago, but they were not cleaned very well.  They went from being a delicacy to off limits when I found a couple of ants in them on my plate. I haven't had one since.  Everyone raves about them though, but all I can think about is the people on "Survivor" downing some beetles or ants for breakfast. No thanks!

For those of you who do enjoy the "hunt",  good luck and happy eating.

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