Welcome to the Land of Lincoln, thanks for choosing to move here, where are you moving here from? People are moving to Illinois but maybe not from the states you'd guess they'd be moving from.

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We have all heard, and read, countless stories about how many people are leaving Illinois and where they are leaving to, but even though Illinois is losing population there are people moving to the Land of Lincoln, and now thanks to Stacker.com we have numbers on where they are moving from.

According to stacker.com, more people are coming to Illinois from Indiana than any other state. The site created a list of the top states where people are moving to Illinois from using data from the 2020 census, and Indiana is number one. Just over 17 thousand people moved to Illinois from Indiana in 2019, unfortunately for Illinois, just over 36 thousand people moved from Illinois to Indiana in that same time period. Indiana is just ahead of California, then Florida, Missouri, and Wisconsin rounding out the top 5. The states where Illinois gained more people then lost more people to, according to this list are, Michigan, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania to name a few.

Illinois needs to make some changes to attract more people to move here that are obvious, but what are some of those changes? Well, as a lifelong Illinoisan, I would say you have to do away with Toll Roads, decrease taxes throughout the state, invest in making Illinois a place for people to afford to work remotely, and also value the central and southern part of the state as a commodity not just something attached to Chicagoland. That was we can steal more people from Indiana, and stop losing people to our neighbors.

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