I only say "allegedly" because this is someone else's opinion. I'm not saying they're wrong though about this tiny Missouri lake town being the most fun weekend getaway though.

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The opinion about most fun weekend getaway trips comes courtesy of Only In Your State. They're the usual suspect for fun local content about our favorite Missouri and Illinois places. Their list of "6 Undeniably Fun Weekend Trips in Missouri" includes the typical places named like Hermann, but that's not their #1 choice. That honor goes to...(*drum roll*)...

Smithville, Missouri

Why Smithville, Missouri for "fun weekend trips"?

It seems the writer likes wine and their downtown area, but no surprise is the big lake nearby gets mentioned. That is a go-to place for people in that part of Missouri.

My only concern about Smithville is its proximity to Kansas City. I'm as big a Chiefs fan as anyone not named Mahomes or Kelce, but I tend to want to avoid crowds when I "get away". Smithville is basically a small town that's attached to the north side of Kansas City. If you're a "glass hall full" sort of person, you could say this town is perfect as a side trip when you have KC things to do like the zoo or Worlds of Fun or a Chiefs game.

I'm not trying to be that "glass half empty" person either. Smithville, Missouri is a nice community that is near a lot of things to do. Guess the "most fun weekend trip" nod is an appropriate one after all.

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