Whether it's floods, fire, or famine, the tri-state area always seems to step up to the challenge of helping others when times are tough.  The latest example of generosity comes from a local farmer who helped donate 100 hogs to see that people don't go hungry because they can't earn a paycheck right now.

Joe Kendrick Farms in Monroe City,. I'm a proud native myself.  What you learn growing up there is that a good casserole or a hot meal goes a long way to curing whatever ails you.  Sending over a meal to a hurting friend or neighbor is how we show we care.  Joe took that philosophy and multiplied it a 100 times over when he shared his bounty with northeast Missouri food pantries and senior centers.  Joe's donation, with the help of JBS pork who Kendrick contracts, equals 15,000 pounds of pork--enough for 60,000 meals.

Last month, the Monroe City Food Pantry saw a 100% increase in the number of people it serves.  It's a similar situation for most pantries as the unemployment rate has soared in this lock down.

The United Way of the Mark Twain Area will distribute the pork.  Continental Cement and Green America Recycling have covered the processing costs.  Brian Gaines Trucking is taking the hogs to market.

When we look back on these days, we'll remember the struggles for sure.  Even more important is to reflect on all the good works and generosity we've seen in these troubled times.

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