We live in a world of extremes and sometimes opposite sides of the spectrum aren't far apart. This is a great example of that. Did you know that Missouri's safest city for 2023 is only about a half hour from the most dangerous? It's true and there's data to prove it.

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In Safewise ranking of Missouri's 20 Safest Cities, you'll see the one located at the top also happens to be geographically near the one at the bottom. #1 is a very pretty community where violent and property crime are practically non-existent. It's Cottleville, Missouri.  It's a town of just over 6,000 residents.

Safewise says that Cottleville is the safest city in Missouri with a violent crime rate the past 3 years of .3, .0 and .9. Property crime isn't high either.

The one piece of data they don't share is the fact that Cottleville is only 31 miles from St. Louis which happens to be not just the most dangerous city in Missouri, but also in many rankings of the entire country.

By comparison, St. Louis violent crime rate is nearly 15 according to Neighborhood Scout.

How can the safest Missouri town be so close to the most dangerous? Those of us that have driven through St. Louis most of our lives know that the city is really divided into distinctly separate areas. You'll find extremely expensive homes in areas like St. Charles, LaDue and Chesterfield just blocks away in some cases from neighborhoods where poverty reigns. Even if a town/city is only 30 miles away, it might as well be 500 when comparing quality of life.

I just thought this was an interesting dichotomy with one part of Missouri being so peaceful and safe while the place that's practically next door is considered a murder capital.

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Check out these photos from a YouTube video shot by KFJ Explorers. The video was posted in November of 2022.

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