When I first saw this, it didn't look right to me. Then I realized that I was measuring (with my eyes) the wrong way. The highest bridge in Missouri does soar more than 300 feet into the sky although it doesn't look like it does at first glance.

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Just out of curiosity I looked up what the highest bridge in Missouri is. According to multiple sources including A-Z Animals, it's the Christopher S. Bond Bridge in the Kansas City area. They list its height at 316 feet. See if it looks that way to you in this fancy drone video.

I will confess that I first thought they were talking about the bridge (the part you drive over) being 316 feet above the water. Nope. It's not that one. They're talking about that middle span which does really elevate way above much of the nearby skyline. Duh on me for not realizing that.

According to Wikipedia, the Christopher S. Bond Bridge is one of the newest major bridges in Missouri having just opened back in 2010. For the record, they note that its height was such a concern that they thought it might interfere with incoming and outgoing flights from the nearby airport in Kansas City. That's tall.

The company that helped construct the bridge noted on their website that the Christopher S. Bond Bridge has been awarded nearly a dozen trophies for design, too. So it's the highest bridge in Missouri and also one of the most awarded also.

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